Were it not for Juicy J, "ratchet" would not be nearly as popular a term as it currently is. He certainly wasn't the first to use the word, but over the course of his late-career comeback, has became forever associated with it thanks to frequent usage and that iconic "You say no to ratchet pussy, Juicy J can't" line in "Bandz A Make Her Dance" (also, who could forget the ratchet-as-hell "Stay Trippy" online game?). Juicy's second wind began taking shape around 2009-2010, when he started dropping solo mixtapes more frequently, and if you look at a graph charting the word "ratchet'"s popularity in hip-hop, you'll see that it almost mirrors Juicy's recent rise to the top.

With the former Three 6 Mafia member's latest tape, Blue Dream & Lean 2, arriving yesterday, we thought it'd be a good time to look back on the past five years of "Ratchet Juicy." The new one's certainly filled with tales of Juicy going extraordinary lengths for some filthy action, but how does it stack up against his two Rubba Band Business tapes with trap mastermind Lex Luger? Taking lyrics and beats into consideration, we've ranked the Trippy Mane's five most ratchet mixtapes. As a commercial release, Stay Trippy isn't eligible, and due to their more gangsta-centric subject matter, none of Juicy's tapes with his brother Project Pat are on here either. Instead, these releases come after Juicy transitioned from a horrorcore pioneer to a fun-loving horndog.

Quite possibly the rapper who's made the most references to throwing money at strippers and skeeting on womens' faces in history, Juicy J is in a class of his own. Let us know if you think we missed any particularly dirty lyrics or tapes.