A lot has happened in the last thirty days. The world's focus has shifted from COVID-19 to the protests and riots breaking out across the United States. Large gatherings have been held in each state as the public speaks out against systemic and interpersonal racism. Many of our favorite artists, including Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West, have participated in marches for the Black Lives Matter movement and, although Juicy J supports the movement, he has an important message for anybody that may have forgotten about the global pandemic we're also living through.

"The coronavirus is not over," tweeted the Three 6 Mafia rapper. His message is important, especially considering there has been a recent rise in cases following Memorial Day Weekend.


Juicy J wants everybody to stay safe but don't mistake his message for something it is not. The rapper has been actively supporting the protests, even releasing a new song called "Hella Fuckin' Trauma" about all that's been happening.

If you go out on the streets to protest, make sure to protect yourself and others by wearing a mask. If you're feeling sick, it's smarter to stay home and head back out once your symptoms have improved.

Just because the focus has shifted, it doesn't mean the virus is gone! There may be a bigger virus (racism) to take care of first but the coronavirus is still everpresent.