The higher up you get, the more lawsuits are filed against you, so it seems. At least, this rings true for celebrity status. Juicy J found a second spurt with solo fame ever since his "Bandz A Make Dance" single became a smash hit, but now he's being sued over the music video for the record, for copyright infringement. Apparently he doesn't own the rights to the music video.

As HipHopDX reports, a photographer by the name of Mahad Dar and Creative Dream Productions (CDP) have filed the latest suit against Juicy J and his label Columbia. They are the duo that shot the music video, and they allege it was later released without their permission.

The duo were called upon by Juicy J to film the visuals in August 2012, and so they went ahead and secured extras for the shoot, trailers for the artists featured, craft services etc. However, things didn't run smoothly. They claim that Lil Wayne was expected to show up at the shoot, but cancelled on them. The company assumed the entire shoot was cancelled, and informed the venue. However Weezy F still showed up an hour later (with the demand of a TV so he could watch the Olympics, which they provided). This forced them to find a new venue as well.

Dar, who was reportedly the main photographer for the video, says in the lawsuit that he was the sole owner of the footage, and he says that they never made a deal with Columbia Records for the video's release, but the video was released by them anyways.

Dar and CDP are asking the judge for an injunction against Juicy J from continuing to sell "Bandz A Make Her Dance," and they are asking to receive all profits from the song and the music video. 

If you need a refresher on the visuals, hit play below.