Miley Cyrus officially shed her reputation as a Disney star when she linked up with Mike Will Made-It, Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa for their collaboration, "23 (J's On My Feet)." However, Miley was accused of ripping off a song from another female artist in order to help her rebrand her image. Rapper Yella the Triple Threat sued Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J, Miley Cyrus and Mike Will Made-It, accusing them of stealing her song for "23." Now, Juicy J has been dropped from the suit, although Yella is still going after the other defendants.

According to The Blast, Juicy J is in the clear in the legal battle over song theft. Yella revealed that she dropped Juicy J from the case after she said that they “reached an agreement regarding this matter.” While Juicy J won't be having to deal with this legal battle, Yella is still moving forward with her case against Miley Cyrus and the other defendants. 

Yella said that Miley Cyrus and the other defendants completely ripped off a song she released the year before "23" came out. She accused Miley of using the song in order to “reinvent her musical career from child star to the edgier, urban, and adult performer she is today.” She said that she hasn't been given a song credit or “been paid a dime.”

Yella is currently looking to have an injunction against the defendants as well as a few thousands in damages. The case is still ongoing.