This past August, hip-hop fans were treated to some surprising news. Despite having been plagued by a publicized falling out, longtime friends and collaborators Juicy J and DJ Paul set aside their differences and reunited for the greater good. What followed was the "Three 6 Mafia" reunion tour, a monumental step in the right direction. Not to mention, DJ Paul even went so far as to tease a possible album, though such possibilities remain closer to fantasy than reality. Still, the fact that the Mafia is once again mobilized as a unit is a massive win for the culture. Perhaps all will be right, after all.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Today, Juicy J announced a continuation of the Tour, which was by all accounts a rather short-lived affair. More specifically, Juice confirmed that Three 6 would be holding it down with a hometown show in Memphis as well as Southhaven, their first concert in both markets in 19 years. "Pulllll up Oct 12th @landerscenter," invites Juicy, inciting little doubt that a memorable evening is on the way.

Though we have yet to see a long-form string of dates revealed, the baby-steps approach is good enough for now. Should you be in the area, you'd be wise to follow Juicy's advise and pull up accordingly.