Juicy J has recently shared some excellent news, and the Three 6 Mafia legend deserves some seriously love for this one. Earlier this morning, J took to Twitter to announce the birth of his baby daughter, happily tweeting a "prayer-emoji"-laden "My Daughter has arrived!" The newest addition to the family marks Juicy J's first child with wife Regina Perera, whom he married in July of 2016. On Instagram, the rapper shared a picture of himself holding his new baby, writing " Girl what a blessing you are." 

A while back, Perera revealed that their daughter would be named Kamai, and the couple even went so far as to make her an Instagram page. Mark this one as another win for Juicy J, who continues to prove his musical longevity; in 2017, he dropped several noteworthy projects, including standout Highly Intoxicated and Rubba Band Business: The Album. It hasn't been long into 2018, but Juicy has already blessed us with a baby of the musical variety, the $uicideboy$ laced ShutDaFukUp tape (catch that one below). Plus, he collaborated with teen hip-hop sensation Lil Pump for "Trap Jumpin'," proving J is one of the few older rappers "hip" enough to hang with the kids.

Congratulations to Juicy J and Reina Perera!