It's natural for fans to mourn an artist's passing in a variety of ways. Naturally, many are quick to turn to the music first, as that's where the connection was formed to begin with. In Juice WRLD's case, his fans were already showing up in droves, propelling the young talent's annual Spotify streams to a staggering 3 billion. Clearly, the young rapper had become a champion of the people, his blend of emo-inspired melodies and freestyle-fueled bars making for a solid stylistic combination. 

As is so often the case when an artist's life is lost, many return to some of their favorite songs, thus driving up the streams in their honor. It's no different here, as Juice WRLD's music currently dominates the Top 10 on both Apple Music and Spotify. According to a report from HipHopNMore, "Lucid Dreams" has skyrocketed up to the number one spot on both platforms, with many of his other tracks not far behind. 

On Apple Music, the YoungBoy assisted "Bandit" sits at number two, "All Girls Are The Same" at four, "Legends" at five, and "Robbery" at six. On Spotify, the aforementioned major singles remain more or less in similar placements, only "Robbery" seems to be a little more popular in the fourth spot. It's unfortunate that this surge of success came in response to such a tragic development, but it remains a testament to the scope of Juice's legacy all the same. Rest in peace to the young Freestyle king, who proved himself on the mic time and again as an off-the-dome champion.