In a new report that recently surfaced, it looks as if no one on Juice WRLD's team will be facing charges in connection with the large stash of drugs found in their luggage. It's been less than a week since Juice WRLD, real name Jarad Higgins, lost his life after suffering a seizure at Chicago's Midway Airport. The Windy City native was reportedly making his way home to celebrate his 21st birthday that happened a week prior. Reports state that when Higgins and his entourage arrived at the airport, they were told that federal agents wanted to search through their belongings.

Frazer Harrison / Staff/Getty Images

This is where rumors begin to circulate because some claim that Juice WRLD swallowed multiple pills to hide them from authorities, thus causing his convulsions. This hasn't been confirmed as his autopsy has his cause of death listed as "inconclusive" pending toxicology reports. When authorities did look through the group's luggage and persons, they reportedly found firearms, 70 pounds of marijuana, multiple bottles of codeine, and various pills. In a newly surfaced report by TMZ, they claim to have spoken to law enforcement officials who tell them it's near impossible to pinpoint who the stash exactly belonged to, especially because there weren't any tags on the suitcases identifying what belonged to whom.

According to the outlet, no one in Juice WRLD's entourage is claiming ownership, and even if fingerprints are found on certain items, it still doesn't prove anything. TMZ states that there aren't likely to be charges brought about, and the FBI has even given jurisdiction to local law enforcement because they believe it's a "non-case."