Though Juice WRLD is no longer with us, his prolific work ethic has led to an abundance of unreleased material. In fact, his latest body of work Legends Never Die went on to become the biggest posthumous album of all time, a testament to the rapper's loyal fanbase. Though it's unclear as to whether or not the late rapper's estate will deliver another full-length, it's clear that his vocals will continue to appear from time to time, as they are set to do on Young Thug's upcoming Slime Language 2 compilation.

Juice WRLD

Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images 

With Thugger's upcoming YSL drop set to arrive on Black Friday, it's likely that details will begin surfacing with recurring frequency. As it happens, a recent clip has confirmed that Juice WRLD will in fact be appearing on Slime Language 2, with Our Generation Music confirming that the song in question will be a Young Thug and Duke collaboration called "Think Twice."

From the sound of the snippet, as originally shared by Young Thug on his Instagram story, Juice WRLD will be holding it down with a complete verse. "You better think twice fore' we come for your life, and my dick in your wifey a couple of times," raps Juice, over a futuristic banger. "If I don't get money, I'm going to rob you, I came from the bottom." From the sound of it, all three rappers are putting in work, and it wouldn't be surprising to see "Think Twice" emerge as a possible single from Slime Language 2. Check out the teaser below, and sound off in the comments with your thoughts.