Juice WRLD's music certainly didn't shy away from depressing themes, from heartbreak to drug-abuse. And yet, those who knew him personally were quick to cite him as a positive presence in every way, constantly laughing and prone to endless bursts of off-the-dome freestyling. Today, videographer Cole Bennett, who shot visuals for Juice's "Lucid Dreams," "Robbery," "Bandit," "All Girls Are The Same," "Armed & Dangerous" and more, took a moment to share some behind-the-scenes footage of the rapper.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images 

"Looking through old footage, this shit made me so happy," writes Bennett, via Twitter. "We used to have so much fuckin fun." In the clip, which appears to stem from unused "Armed & Dangerous" footage, Juice can be seen busting out no shortage of moves, laughing all the while. The performance is enough to elicit gleeful laughter from Bennett, who marvels at Juice's creative antics.

"This could be one of those dance videos," remarks Bennett, prompting Juice to excitedly ask to see. Though brief, the clip is certainly impactful all the same, a reminder of Juice's personality and youthful exuberance. May he rest in peace; much respect to Cole Bennett for sharing this one.