Juice WRLD sat down with Billboard for an interview where he seemed adamant about separating himself from the pack. Billboard walks us through a step by step timeline of his career to date, tracing it back to his first live performance one year ago in a local rec center. Juice recalls getting a warm reception from those in attendance and walking away with a paltry sum of $100, his cut after breaking off the promoters.

Without going into much detail, it serves to note that Juice WRLD is now sitting on a $3 million deal at the ripe age of 19 years old. Inevitably his interest in hip hop wasn't born yesterday. As early as the age of 14, Juice began posting songs on a free SoundCloud account, which led to him developing a small but loyal fan base.

When asked to reveal what makes him special, Juice claims, "I speak my own language" owing to years spent cultivating an interest in diverse subject and different types of music, namely artists such as Ozzy Osbourne, EminemChief Keef. Although he deems himself special i the grand scheme of things, as a measure of character, Juice feels blessed to have broken out as a platinum selling artist.

"You know how some people use dreams that they chase as a scapegoat because they’re not even putting their whole heart into it?” he said before cutting out. It's quite evident Juice WRLD has made the most of the platforms at his disposal, whether it were a service like Bandcamp or an LP leaving an indelible mark on his younger self.