Juice WRLD's Death Race For Love has been on rotation for many-a-fan, whether freestyled or written. The album's success has already led to a staggering first week, which Juice experienced from his position overseas. After all, the young rapper has been hustling on Nicki Minaj's European tour, holding it down alongside a legend he once enjoyed as a fan. Now, Juice has taken a moment to converse with Beats 1's Rebecca Judd, where he opened up about his ongoing tour, his rider, working with Young Thug, and more.

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

When speaking on Nicki Minaj, Juice took a moment to praise the Queen, explaining that catching her last few songs has become part of his pre-show ritual. "It's crazy. Before I go out, I always catch the last of Nicki's first little set. It's just wild. I remember her performing "Monster" and "I'm So Proud of You" and stuff, and it's just like, "Wow," he marvels. "I feel like I was just on my iPod Touch listening to this stuff. I was just on my iPhone 6, you know what I'm saying, listening to this, idolizing all the people I looked up to. It's just like, “Wow.” It's hard to fathom that I'm in the same league on the same stage as the people that I once looked at as unreachable."

Insofar as his tour rider is concerned, Juice has opted to throw caution to the wind, keeping the sugar on high. "Cereal. Frosted Flakes, Cap'n Crunch," he rattles off. "I also have fruit snacks, but somebody just thinks it's perfectly fine to eat all the fruit snacks before I get in the room. Soda. Coca-Cola and Sunkist and stuff and Fanta." 

With Young Thug acting as one of Death Race's lone features, many wondered about his relationship with Juice. Evidently, the pair have a few more heaters tucked away, although it's unclear where and when they might surface. "I got 15 songs just now. And counting. We work really well together," explains Juice. "Really good vibes, genuine dude. A trailblazer in this industry."

Are you still bumping Death Race For Love?