Juice WRLD faces yet another allegation of ripping off someone else's music. Jerome Willisch, a minor from Colorado who raps under the name Fly Jxy, filed a lawsuit with his parents against Juice WRLD over his track, "Lean Wit Me." Wilisch claims that the beat on the Juice WRLD track was a rip-off of his song, "Icy."

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images 

According to TMZ, Willisch claims the producers of Juice WRLD's "Lean Wit Me" took his beat by copying the beat and structure of his song, "Ice" without giving him any credit or asking for permission. However, Willisch just filed for a copyright for the song earlier this month which he's yet to secure the rights to. However, he's still arguing that Juice WRLD and his producers stole the song from him.

This isn't the first time Juice WRLD's faced accusations of stealing another artists music. The rapper was previously threatened for the sample used in "Lucid Dreams." Sting, who's song "Shape Of My Heart" was sampled for Juice WRLD's song, initially praised the way that "Armed And Dangerous" rapper utilized his song. However, Sting later threatened Juice WRLD and the song's producers with a lawsuit over using the sample without proper clearance. It's unclear if the lawsuit ever went through.

Aside from the legal troubles, Juice WRLD will be getting into his European bag in February as he joins Nicki Minaj on their "Nicki WRLD" tour. The tour kicks off in Munich, Germany on Feb. 21st before concluding in Geneva, Switzerland on March 28th.