Juice WRLD is taking advantage of the attention he's received of late. After spitting live on the BBC with Charlie Sloth, Juice turned his attention to UK legend Tim Westwood TV. The usually gregarious host was kept quiet by Juice WRLD's relentless supply of flows and ideas. Never letting up is the best advice you can give a young freestyler. But Juice isn't a battle rapper or a novelty act. After signing a $3 million deal, it's safe to say Interscope has bigger plans.

While on the subject of his freestyle, Westwood really puts him through the trials, switching the beats when he gets a nod of approval. On one occasion he slackens the pace when Tyler's "Yonkers" gets thrown on, and yes the beat switches over a dozen times. In the span of an hour, Juice throws up a series of misconceptions you only get away with when you're rocking in the high chair. Not once does Juice or Westwood pause for discussion. Westwood was smart to put his pupil to work, considering Charlie Sloth of the BBC had already engaged him in discussion.

Juice WRLD is currently living his best life in Europe while he puts his beef with Tekashi on stowaway.