Juice WRLD dominated this year completely with his single, "Lucid Dreams" which peaked at number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100. Although many began to get introduced to the rapper this year, he's showing signs that he could be the next major star to emerge out of Chicago. Since breaking out, he's impressed hip-hop heads with his lengthy freestyles. It feels like there are fewer rappers out now who are comfortable with going completely off dome, but young Juice WRLD proved once again that he's still nice with it on the mic.

Juice WRLD is more known for his melodic delivery, but when he's put on the spot, he's proven that he has bars for days. The rapper was at a French radio show recently when he was asked to spit a few bars off of the dome. The rapper went off for fifteen minutes straight over random French hip-hop beats and completely demolished it.

"My flow is extravagant/ Really, it is extravagant/ Really, I am gargantuan/ Really, I am the champion/ N***as faker than mannequins/ Walk in the sky like Anakin," he raps. "Gucci, all over my flannels/ I'm wearin' 'Preme five panels/ With n***as that I was skatin' with/ Really, my chopper take your ass out like a double date n' shit."

Aside from his freestyle, Juice WRLD recently linked up with Future for their joint project, WRLD On Drugs.