Drake and Migos were busy blessing fans in Houston with a memorable performance last week when one police officer overstepped his boundaries. One keen-eyed concertgoer filmed the officer taking pictures of a female's booty while he was on duty. The cop admires the skin tight dress and curvaceous body as he flicks a quick shot, and goes back to make sure the picture came out to his liking. Houston police are allegedly investigating the incident, but Juice WRLD already has his mind made up about the situation. 

TMZ caught up with the "Lucid Dreams" rapper and asked his opinion of the distracted police officer. "They finna terminate that nigga," replies Juice WRLD. "I got family members that's police officers. I don't got no problem if you a cop as long as ya'll doing ya'll job, and ya'll not harassing. But you were put there to serve and protect, not be a pervert, fool, like what is you doing?"

"I understand every nigga got they vices," he continued. "But, you on the clock bro." Juice WRLD went on to inquire about how many officers record private or perverted videos with their body cams. "If you there to serve and protect, and do your job. Then don't be there getting material for your pornography collection," he concluded.