Last week, Comedy Central posted a video from a comedienne who made a tasteless joke about the death of XXXTentacion. While the severity of the joke can be up for debate, there is no denying that X's fans and peers were upset by what was said. It's been just over a year since his murder and people are still sensitive about what happened to him. With this in mind, it shouldn't be a surprise that the internet mob has gone after the comedienne, as well as Comedy Central. The network recently said they were going to pull the joke from the air but it's clear that the damage has already been done.

Juice WRLD was a huge XXXTentacion fan and was one of the people offended by the joke. He recently took to his Instagram story where he offered up a savage roast about the comedienne, saying she looks like "a bottle of spoiled milk" and that "she a be perfect for a milk commercial."

With roasts like these, Juice WRLD should consider being a comedian himself. All jokes aside though, it's interesting to see so many calls for the silencing of this comedian when these same people have been advocates for free speech and offensive comedy. Regardless, if there's one thing for certain here, it's that the comedienne in question won't be making jokes like that again.