Juice WRLD is steadily gearing up to become one of the biggest stars in hip hop out of the new generation of rappers. After it was revealed that he penned a $3M deal with Interscope, his singles, "Lucid Dream" and "All Girls Are The Same" took over the airwaves. Juice WRLD's only getting started and recently, a snippet of one of his upcoming songs surfaced on Instagram.

Juice WRLD definitely has another hit on his hand. Producer Rex Kudo reposted a snippet of one of Juice WRLD's upcoming singles on Instagram yesterday. Juice WRLD's upcoming song sounds like another hit that's meant to help anyone through heartbreak.

"Okay I'm sorry, sorry, my apologies/I have no room to talk, that's hypocrisy/Thankful, reason to be thankful/I have a reason to be thankful/ Taught me a lot of things so thank you, thank you/ Ungrateful, you had no reason to be ungrateful/ All the things I did, I deserve a thank you," he sings on the song.

In addition, Juice WRLD previewed another new song earlier today on Instagram. The song is a bit heavier than the one he previewed last night. Hopefully, we'll hear both of these songs in the near future.

Juice WRLD released his debut project, Goodbye & Good Riddance back in May after the success of "Lucid Dreams" and "All Girls Are The Same."