He might be a Kid, but Cudi has no shortage of sons in this game. In some ways, the Man On The Moon rapper feels like one of the most influential artists of his generation. His melodic flow, lyrical content, and overall demeanor have been influenced by many young up-and-comers, including the platinum Juice WRLD, who recently secured a plaque for his single "Lucid Dreams." Now, with his fame rising faster than ever before, Juice took to Twitter to do the artist-equivalent of DM sliding.

"@KidCudi I need to work w you," writes Juice, tagging Cudi for good measure. "It’s a need." Remember, this is not a want, but an actual need. As of now, Juice has yet to receive an answer from Cudi, who is selective in his releases on the best days. Luckily, Kids See Ghosts was somewhat of a return for the elusive rapper, and he recently teased that there would be more music to come. Not to mention, Wiz Khalifa also happened to reference a potential Cudi collaboration, though a release date has yet to be unveiled.  

Let's see if Juice WRLD's attempt at "shooting his shot" is a success. Best of luck to the young man.