Following his triumphant return to U.S. soil, Juice WRLD wasted little time in hitting The Breakfast Club for an extensive interview. While a variety of subjects are covered, including mental health, STDs (and the "earwax test"), crazy groupies, and more, many are likely curious about his European adventures.

"That shit was lit," reflects Juice, upon being asked about his first stadium tour. When Charlamagne jokes that they never actually performed any shows, Juice comes through with the "Jimmy Fallon laugh." "It was deeper than that," he explains. "Some of the venues we went to didn't have the capacity to deal with all the production and the lights and all that. Fu*k is we gon' do, have a dark show? A capella show or something? Shit was malfunctioning." 

Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

Claiming that the venues misled the booking agents during the initial planning stages, Juice blames social media was for blowing things out of proportion, as per usual. "It was a learning experience," he says. "It was my first time doing consistent stadiums night after night. You can't perform on a regular stage how you can perform on a stadium. You gotta work the room more." He also gives some praise to "the homie" Nicki Minaj, who ultimately hand-picked his talents for the endeavor. 

For more from Juice WRLD, including his take on mental health, European food, and his upcoming music, be sure to catch the full interview below.