Juice WRLD has established himself as one of the heavy hitters, taking over the new generation with his stellar Goodbye & Good Riddance album and a collaborative effort with Future. All of his dreams are coming true as "Lucid Dreams" continues to be one of the highest-charting singles of the entire year. He mildly escaped his first taste of controversy when Lil Yachtystuck up for him, saying that one particular lyric was cleared with Drake before releasing it. The line in question makes reference to Drake's surprising baby mama situation on "Yacht Club," which Juice cleared up in a new interview.

The young Chicago artist spoke with Vulture about all that he's accomplished this year when the Drake lyric was mentioned. In the collab with Lil Boat, Juice says, "But I ain’t on no Drake shit, I won’t get her pregnant," after his co-star makes reference to a wild night with adult film star Alexis Texas. He was asked what prompted him to rap the line, responding, "I mean, I’m probably one of the biggest Drake fans you could ever find. I’m also a big fan of Eminem and sometimes I use his point of view, his style. When Eminem was coming up, he used to crack jokes [about other artists] in his music. It was like satire. I incorporated the same thing. It was really a joke. People can take it however they wanna take it, but I’m pretty sure Drake knows it’s a joke. It was out of fun. I think he’s the greatest in the game right now."

We knew it was all respect between the two, especially considering Yachty said Drake gave the o-k for the lyric to be sung. Read the full interview here and have a listen to "Yacht Club" here.