Juice WRLD's world was completely changed in 2018. It's difficult to think of somebody who made a bigger impact on the music industry in their first year out. Maybe Tekashi 6ix9ine is his only competition in that category but we all know how that story ended. Juice is the owner of one of the biggest songs of the entire year with "Lucid Dreams" still pulling insane numbers. On social media, the Chicago artist has been swooning over his new girlfriend, posting photos with her and reciting his love online. While a good number of his fans have accepted the relationship, we all know how crazy the hardcore stans can get. Some people have been publicly hoping that Juice and his girl break-up so that his next album is as good as the last. The rapper had some words for those folks.

"What type of fans are y’all that’s fake love y’all don’t wanna see me happy," wrote Juice WRLD on his Twitter after calling out the people who want him to have his heart broken. He continued that he writes music at every point in his life: the highs and the lows. "Anyone who wishes heartbreak on me got some issues on Goddddd," concluded Juice.

The comments stem from messages he's gotten since making his new relationship public. Hopefully, Juice's fans learn to be more accepting of his new lady.