Juice WRLD has no reason to second guess his instinct. He is, after all, one of the best off-the-dome freestylers in the game. Such a noggin' has gotta be worth something. Yet many, including himself to a degree, felt a little let down by his debut album A Deathrace For Love. Perhaps it was the project's bloated nature, or seemingly uncertain musical direction. Either way, the album was accepted, but never quite elevated into the lofty tier of elite 2019 releases.

Lisa Lake/Getty Images

That's not to say Juice doesn't have it in him. He recently quit codeine, which signifies a renewed focus, and all signs point to some new music being cooked up. Case in point, the young Chicago rapper recently announced that he and Metro Boomin have been cooking up something secretive. Only in hip-hop can one say their own name in tandem with another and strike hype in the hearts of the masses, lightning-esque.

The tidings are grand, as Juice and Metro make a solid pairing, at least on paper. One has to wonder whether Metro will be contributing heavily Juice's sophomore endeavor, and if so, is this the start of a budding and beautiful partnership? Only time will tell.