Juelz Santana, who is no stranger to hiatuses, dropped off his first project in years this January. In a recent interview, the Dipset rapper shared some thoughts on Dr. Dre's similarly delayed release, Detox.

"I'm sure he's scared of dropping [Detox]" said Juelz, explaining that the Compton legend is "competing with greatness", and has "put a hard weight on his own shoulder". Santana was not only convinced that Dr.Dre would find it hard to compete with himself, but the project also wouldn't be the same without Nate Dogg. "Dre gotta find an artist" he said. "He's always had an artist that could come and take over", saying "Without Nate he may feel like it can't even get done".

Juelz also talked a bit about his own experiences with Dre's perfectionism, which he feels might also be delaying the project. "When we went in the studio, he'll have you in the booth for four hours doing your verse" he said.

Santana assured that Dre will always be a legend no matter what he does, directly addressing the rapper/producer. "If you do not drop the Detox you are the man, you will always be the man", he exclaimed. "You did it, you did things people will never do".

Despite all the talk of Detox, Juelz was not even familiar with some of the proposed material for the album. "I don't even know what record... what's 'Kush'?"

Watch the full interview below.