Juelz Santana has been locked up for the past few months after he was convicted for carrying a firearm in an airport. It couldn't have come at a worse time as The Diplomats were preparing to release their long-awaited reunion project, Diplomatic Ties. The project was released in November but due to his bail conditions, the rapper wasn't able to be with Cam'ron, Jim Jones, and Freaky Zekey on every single date of their tour in the summer. Earlier this year, he got married to his long-time girlfriend Kimbella who recently revealed that she's been visiting the rapper in Virginia every two weeks.

Kimbella's holding it down for Juelz Santana while he completes his 27-month sentence in Virginia. The Love & Hip Hop star, who announced her pregnancy recently, said that she and her kids have been taking trips bi-weekly to see the rapper in prison. Kimbella opened up on the difficulty of having her husband away, especially since she's had to hold down the empire dolo.

"I travel to Virginia every other week with my children to see my husband so they can spend quality time with their father," she wrote. "It feels so good to spend those hours with him during our visits, It’s not easy but I know that is what I’m supposed to do! It’s tough not having my husband by my side these past 3 months!! I’m staying positive, busy and holding our empire down! That’s ALL I KNOW!"