The dubious nature of Juelz Santana's escape from authorities on Friday has now taken a more logical turn. TMZ has learned that on his person that day, Juelz Santana was carrying oxycodone in the moments leading to the bust.

Law Enforcement agents have since confirmed that 8 oxycodone pills were found in his luggage to go along with the unconcealed firearm that initially caught their eye upon seizure.

The rapper turned himself in early Monday morning, after it was initially speculated that he would surrender come sunday afternoon. The rapper has been ordered to remain in jail until his hearing on the 26th, and will not seek bail over his charges, which have now intensified with the revelation of said uncontrolled substance. The drug charge is therefore being instituted as an additional felony.

Without passing complete judgement, it feels à propos to question his level of hustle, if indeed those pills were scheduled to change hands. The plot is only thickened by prior convictions, and it should be noted that carrying prescription drugs across state lines always comes down to eligibility and careful inspection of foreign law. May the law be with you, Juelz.