Things haven't been going too well for Juelz Santana this year. The rapper was allegedly caught with a gun and drugs in his bag by the TSA at Newark Airport. Juelz initially fled the scene before he turned himself in to authorities. Since then, the rapper posted bond and was placed on house arrest at his mother's home. The rapper was supposed to head to court in early September but his scheduled trial has been pushed back.

According to Billboard, Juelz Santana's trial for his guns and drugs case has been pushed back by roughly a month. The rapper and his legal team filed an order this month to get the trial pushed back until at least September 30th in order to permit defense counsel the reasonable time necessary for effective preparation in this matter and to allow the parties to enter into plea negotiations.”

Back in June, the judge on Juelz Santana's case get him modified his bailed conditions and gave him the okay to go on tour with his Dipset brothers this summer at select dates. The rapper was allowed to perform in New Hampshire, Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina. However, he was only allowed to do this on the condition that his mother accompanies him to these dates. Additionally, the judge also prevented Juelz Santana from travelling with Dipset. The conditions also stated that he was only able to drive to these dates and not fly.