Yesterday, it was reported that Lil Kim's New Jersey mansion was on the verge of being foreclosed. She's not the only New York veteran with mortgage issues in New Jersey. Today, Bossip has obtained court documents confirming that Juelz Santana's luxury condo in Jersey has officially been foreclosed. The Dipset rapper has apparently failed to pay his monthly mortgage of $3,754 since November 2013. 

Santana bought the condo 11 years ago, and he reportedly took out a $486,000 mortgage to do so. After ignoring his monthly payments for almost two and a half years, Wells Fargo, the bank from whom he borrowed the mortgage, filed a lawsuit against him earlier this year. Last month, the judge sent Santana a warning regarding the imminent foreclosure of his property, to which the rapper had 10 days to respond. He did not, and thus, the judge issued a final foreclosure notice on April 22. 

Santana will soon be forced to leave the 2,300 square foot condo, which will be sold at a sheriff's sale. He now owes a reported $688,219 plus $7,000 in lawyers' fees.