Harlem emcee Juelz Santana has been making a bit of noise again after not releasing any music for a while. He might be trying to translate that return into another collaboration with streetwear brand Supreme.

The first collaboration with Supreme happened all the way back in 2006, during Dipset’s heyday. The shirt depicting Juelz Santana with Jim Jones in white Supreme tees has become one of Supreme’s most iconic, now selling on eBay for upwards of $1,000. In an interview with Complex, Juelz says looking back the collaboration “was genius. It captured a moment.” However, at the time he and the rest of Dipset were befuddled.

“People had asked us to take pictures in their clothes before,” Santana continues, “but nobody said, ‘we want you to take a picture in our shirt, and then we’re gonna use that picture, and put that on the shirt.” It really is some inception-level stuff.

Now that Juelz Santana is making noise again, he says he’s “about to reach out,” leveraging A$AP Bari’s connections to get a meeting. Can another collaboration touch the iconic original photo?