Juelz Santana surprised his fans when he finally "put a ring on it" and decided to propose to his longtime partner Kimbella. Within weeks on the proposal, the couple headed down the aisle and celebrated their official union with family and friends. Having a wedding in January following a November engagement might seem quite swift but this event was a decade in the making. As such, the reception was as lush as fans would expect.

After getting a glimpse of the festivities through the photos and videos posted to social media by the wedding's attendees, Juelz' fans now have access to official photographs of the nuptials. The rapper uploaded a selection of visuals to his Instagram over the weekend. Peep the beautiful bridal party and lavish decor in the shots below.

This wedding was significant, not only because of the length of the couple's relationship but also because of Santana's legal situation. The entertainer is set to serve a prison sentence of over two years, a predicament that spawned speculations about his motivations behind his proposal to Kimbella. "If I was worried about someone taking her the [sic] I wouldn’t of did it," responded Juelz in a clap back comment on Instagram. "If someone take ya lady, a ring ain't gonna stop nothing. U jus gonna be out of a ring n a lady. What u saying makes no sense… Stay blessed tho fam."