While everyone's been getting hyped for the Dipset reunion, Juelz Santana's legal issues created a bit of a setback for the Harlem group. However, the rapper has tried to negotiate a deal with the Judge in order to let him off house arrest and allow him to get back to the music. The rapper penned a letter to the judge requesting to allow him to go on tour in order for him to provide for his girlfriend and kids. Now, it looks like the rapper will finally be let off of house arrest under the condition that his mother comes with him.

According to PageSix, Juelz Santana is off of house arrest and finally free to hit the road with the rest of Dipset this summer but his mother will have to come with him. However, he's only able to do the first five dates on the 15 city tour.

The rappers bail conditions also include that he drives to the show dates instead of flies and that he doesn't travel with the rest of Dipset. Juelz told the judge that his mother consented but she wasn't in court.

Despite the prosecutors opposing his modified bail conditions, District Judge Michael Jammer said, "I view it as a reasonable and productive exercise of his time to work and provide for his family."

The prosecutors brought up the fact that he was travelling for a show when he was arrested. They also said that he could bring a gun with him in the car. In addition, they pointed out that other performers have gone on tour with prior weapons charges and wore ankle bracelets. 

Santana is due back in court next month for the judge to "see how things went." If things go well, the judge will discuss whether he could continue playing other shows. 

Juelz Santana will be joining Dipset on their shows in Hampton, NH; Norfolk, VA; Baltimore, MD and Charlotte and Greensboro, NC. 

If you're in any of these cities, you're in luck.