Following a lengthy absence from the game, Juelz Santana has been busy since dropping his comeback project God Will’n, and putting together some potential big collaborations.  He even recently announced another tape, All We Got Is Us, will be coming soon.  After leaving Dipset roughly two years ago, things have settled between ‘Elz and Cam’ron, with there even being talk of a new Diplomats track.  In a recent interview Santana talks about his relationship with the Dipset General, and says there was some earlier tension, but they are on good terms, and mentions how he will always respect Cam for giving him a chance.

Asked about his current standing relationship with the Diplomats leader, Juelz says they are good, and even though there was some past friction when he left the label, he will always remain indebted to him.  “Everything’s cool, one thing I respect is Cam brought me to water.  A lot of things dun transpired, but at the end of the day I come from nothing,” Santana adds, “I’m able to eat...just him giving me that, I gotta be so grateful for that.”

Talking about his role while with Dipset, the New York rapper admits certain aspects could have gone down differently, but he always remained dedicated to the crew, “Things coulda been better in other areas...cause I was so loyal...I was the type of dude...if I sold 20 million records, you were still my boss.  I was the kinda dude, I was always a role player.”

Check out the full interview below, where ‘Elz talks about his first meeting with Cam, and how he got his start with the Diplomats.