Juelz Santana took a bit of a hiatus, but the Dipset rapper has come back in a big way this year. Juelz just dropped God Will'n, his first full length project in quite some time, and plans to release his third LP, Born to Lose, Built to Win, later this year. The New York rapper has even hinted at the possibility of new Diplomats material coming soon. This leaves only one question left for Juelz; what ever happened to the I Can't Feel My Face album he had planned with Weezy?

Juelz took some time with VladTV to detail exactly why I Can't Feel My Face never saw the light of day. Citing first that Wayne's in-demand presence made things a bit difficult to keep under wraps. "At that time, everything from Wayne was getting leaked", he said, referencing how anything Tunechi touched at the time was on the internet within a day. This wasn't the main source of the problem however, as they were already having trouble with their labels.

"It worked out for the best anyway, because the album didn't come out for political reasons” said Juelz, refusing to blame anyone individually. "Two different labels. [There were] so many people you had to get on the same page, and at that time I still had Cam in my situation." he said. Juelz and fellow Diplomat Cam'ron weren't on the best of terms at the time, so having the project go through him didn't exactly fair well for the project. 

Juelz also mentioned that "Wayne wasn't as big of an artist" at the time, so he didn't have the creative control he might hold today. Though Wayne has still had trouble releasing collaborative albums, despite his huge commercial success. "I was glad the T-Pain and Wayne album didn't come out" said Juelz. While he was as excited as anyone to hear new material from the two artists, he felt the failure gave people a perspective on his own situation with Wayne. He added that he didn't want fans to think the never-delivered album was solely the fault of the two rappers.

Juelz still speaks with Wayne and plans to work with him in the future, "We managed to maintain our relationship. He's gonna executive produce my next album' he said excitedly. Santana says the release of I Can't Feel My Face is still possible, as the two "still got about another 12 records that's unleaked", but says he doesn't want to make any promises, "I don't wanna keep putting it out there. If it happens it happens."

Watch the full interview below.