For anyone wondering what exactly went down the day Juelz Santana was caught on surveillance cameras running away from TSA, the Dipset rapper finally divulged on the details of the incident. Sitting down with Fat Joe, Juelz made it clear that, despite Internet speculation, he didn't actually walk into the airport with the intent of carrying a gun. Juelz explained that he had previously gone to a video shoot for an artist he did a verse for out in Queens. However, he made sure that he had a bit of protection on him in case anything goes left.

The rapper went to get some new clothes before heading to the video shoot, grabbing a hoodie and a Supreme bag on his way. Though the video shoot was fine, Juelz explained that he threw the piece in the Supreme bag. Unfortunately, he forgot it was there. He wrapped up the video shoot, went home, and he was prepared to fly out to Los Angeles the next morning.

Waking up early for his flight the next morning, Juelz explained that he had grabbed the Supreme bag without remembering that there was a strap inside. He explained that he typically carries sodas, Pineapple Fanta specifically, since they don't have them in the airport.

"I go to TSA and put my bag through security... In my mind, for everyone that's listening, that's not even on my mind," he explained. "hey got my bag. I go through security, it went through. The dude from Newark airport, he knows me. He about to check the bag. Someone called from the screening point where the screen is at and said, nah, we gotta run it through again."

Juelz welcomed the second search in an attempt to make his flight but as he was waiting, he saw that the agents were staring at the screen. A girl from the airport asked him what was in his bag and he explained there wasn't anything. More TSA agents start viewing the screen but still, Juelz said he didn't register that he forgot the gun inside of the bag.

The gun itself was small and the TSA agents couldn't see exactly what it was. But to make matters worse, there was a warrant out for Juelz arrest over a traffic violation in New Jersey. The woman who initially approached him explained that higher authorities, meaning the police, would have to come an search the bag itself. He remembers about the warrant but still not the gun that was in his backpack. In fact, he still thought it was a soda. He explained that either way if they had come and checked his name in the system, they'd find out there was a warrant for his arrest.

One of the agents ultimately showed Juelz Santana how he could get out of the place and that's when he left. "The fact that they had the warrant and they said higher authorities are going to search your bag. So I'm like, they gon' lock me up for the weekend," he said. "I literally walked. Everybody saying, 'He ran out the airport. He had one shoe on...' I get in the cab. I hear, on Hot 97... So gettin' close to my crib, [Hot 97] said, 'Rapper Juelz Santana Flees Newark airport after firearm was retrieved from his bag.' I'm like 'What?! Ain't no firearm retrieved from my bag.'"

After getting home from the airport, the rapper retraced his steps, recounting that there was a firearm in his bag. You can check out the full interview below.

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