A Northern California federal judge permanently halted the Trump Administration from putting in a total of $2.5 billion dollars into funding the infamous wall which is set to build barriers between the United States' southwestern border. The latter served as a major blow to the White House's efforts to fund a border wall without getting approval from Congress. Judge Haywood S. Gilliam Jr. who ruled against the administration claims that President Tump's efforts to use the funds from the Department of Defense toward the border project is "unlawful." The decision follows an earlier temporary injunction granted last month wherein Judge Gilliam claimed that the White House's efforts did not "square with fundamental separation of powers principles dating back to the earliest days of our Republic."

Moreover, the Trump administration sought to take the $2.5 billion dollars from counterdrug programs in the Department of Defense to build the infamous wall. The president's critics were pleased with the legal move. "All President Trump has succeeded in building is a constitutional crisis, threatening immediate harm to our state," were the words of Attorney General Xavier Becerra of California. Hence, it looks like Trump's plans for a wall have taken an unexpected turn. We expect more on this later.