Fans who were hoping for Chris Brown's 2015 to be much less tumultuous than his 2014 (or 2013, or 2012, etc.) can put those dreams away, because it's looking like another long year for Breezy, legally speaking. After performing to an audience in San Jose that included some gun-toting nutjob over the weekend, Chris has now had the probation he's been enjoying since 2009 revoked as a direct result.

Earlier today, a judge in his Rihanna assault case ruled that he crossed county lines without approval (performing in SJ when he was ordered to remain in L.A. County) and failed to complete his required 1,000 hours of community service on time. For the time being, Brown will walk free, but a March 20th probation hearing may change that. Although the judge could find no indication that Brown was involved in the recent shooting, he also instructed probation officers to investigate that further. 

Stay tuned for updates as the story progresses.