Flo-Rida's baby mother, Alexis Adams, is continuing her case of seeking more child support for their son Zohar who suffers from a rare condition called hydrocephalus, that causes fluid to abnormally accumulate within cavities of the brain. Since we last posted on the legal happenings, The Blast reports that the pop artist is looking to have the case thrown out, saying Alexis sued him in New York City when she's an Atlanta resident. 

“She wrongly, deliberately and falsely claimed she was a Bronx resident,” Flo Rida's rep Howard Felcher told the judge. Alexis' lawyer fired back at the claim saying Zohar was born in New York, raised in Bronx and Alexis applied for government assistance in the big apple. The reason for an apartment in Atlanta is due to her brother leasing it under his sister's name. Alexis' lawyer continued explaining how Flo Rida had participated in all court proceedings up until now and can't just decide to back out. 

Needless to say, they judge rejected Flo Rida's request to have the case dropped. The final verdict has yet to be announced, keep it locked for more updates.