Last month reports suggested that Nicki Minaj's brother may be headed for a retrial since the jury who convicted him of raping his 11-year-old stepdaughter were accused of misconduct. Jurors in the trial were said to have gone against the judge's rules of discussing the case outside of the court and even made comments detailing how they can't "wait for [Jelani Maraj] to be found guilty.”

A particular juror was even said to have watched The Wendy Williams show where the talk-show host labeled Jelani as guilty. Another juror claimed that if Nicki doesn’t testify (she didn’t) “that means he is guilty.”

New reports from Page Six  detail how the judge has now begun to interview each juror one by one, behind closed doors to get down to the bottom of the inquiry. If the judge finds sufficient evidence and proof that the jury convicted Jelani based on outside opinions and unauthorized conversations, a retrial may happen where the victim will have to take the stand again and explain her tragic experience. 

Jelani's lawyers are trying to get his conviction tossed and his remains in jail as his sentence is pending.