Meek Mill and his team of lawyers left Monday's hearing feeling disappointed after their plan to get Judge Genece Brinkley dropped from Meek's case did not go as planned. "I feel like what went on in the courtroom today is disgraceful. There was laughing going on and to me, it’s not really a game," Meek said while exiting the building. 

The "laughing" Meek is talking about is in direct reference to the latest documents TMZ has gotten its hands on. It seems as though Judge Genece, who already has been pinned as being biased and having her own agenda in Meek's case, was caught laughing during a testimony. According to the publication, when Bradley Bridge took the stand as a key witness, Judge Genece had the audacity to laugh during his speech. 

On Monday, one of Meek's judges, Brian McMonagle, brought up the matter in the following exchange: 

Judge: Do you believe I have been ridiculing you?

Bridge: There were a couple moments where I sensed that was true.

Judge: And that I was laughing at you? He used the word laughing.

McMonagle: You did laugh.

Judge: No, I wasn't laughing at him.

Goldberg: Your honor, I heard you laughing at him.

Judge: Excuse me?

McMonagle: All three lawyers heard you laugh.

Judge: Do you believe that I was laughing at you in the course of this serious case?

Bridge: I wouldn't call it a laugh. I would call it a smirk.

Before the hearing came to a close, Judge Genece admitted: "OK. I can appreciate that you're saying I laughed out loud, but I did not laugh out loud. I might have had a smile on my face, but I didn't laugh out loud."