In an interesting twist of events, the lawyer who is representing Judge Genece Brinkley (the woman who so clearly had her own personal agenda when it came to prosecuting Meek Mill) is actually siding with the rapper. According to The Source, Charles Peruto Jr. is defending Judge Genece from claims of being biased during the whole trail with Meek. At one point Genece was accused of laughing while a key witness was taking the stand. 

The publication claims that before Judge Genece's denial of Meek Mill’s new trial, Charles was caught on tape siding with Meek's defense team. Camera's have been filming the court happenings for an upcoming documentary and Charles' comments alleged that he knows a fair trial may not be possible since both teams are in agreeance.  “Prosecution and defense agree — goodbye,” he reportedly stated, added by an insult to Judge Genece: “She looks fucking awful.”

The documentary is being helmed as a joint project by Roc Nation and Amazon. When asked about his comments, Charles said: “Tape or no tape, I don’t believe I said it. If I said something off the record, it should not be on the transcript.”

We're not hearing a no.