Last month a bombshell interview with Harvey Weinstein was released where the former film mogul admitted to offering acting roles to women in exchange for sex. “But so did and still does everyone," he described when admitting his truth, adding: “I was born poor, ugly, Jewish and had to fight all my life to get somewhere [...] No girl looked at me until I made it big in Hollywood.” 

According to Variety, the judge is now not allowing his sex-trafficking case to be dismissed after model-actress Kadian Noble filed a complaint last year alleging that Harvey violated a federal sex-trafficking law when he sexually assaulted her in a hotel room in Cannes, France four years ago. “Harvey Weinstein was able to force or coerce Kadian into sexual activity in his hotel room because of his promise to her of a film role and use of his influence on her behalf,” the documents read. 

“For an aspiring actress, meeting a world-renowned film producer carries value, in and of itself,” Judge Robert W. Sweet wrote in his ruling. “The opportunity, moreover, for the actress to sit down with that producer in a private meeting to review her film reel and discuss a promised film role carries value that is career-making and life-changing. The contention, therefore, that Noble was given nothing of value — that the expectation of a film role, a modeling meeting, of ‘his people’ being ‘in touch with her’ had no value — does not reflect modern reality.”

However, the Judge did dismiss Kadian's allegations that Harvey's brother was in on it and helped set up the assault.