In today's amusing update in 50 Cent's never-ending bankruptcy case, the judge has banned the G-Unit rapper from carrying electronic devices in the courtroom and the adjoining conference room, reports TMZ. 

The judge's order comes as a result of him not wanting 50 Cent to post anything that happens in or around the courtroom to social media. Last month, 50 posted a picture of himself in the conference room enjoying a pack of M&M's while a few stacks of $100 bills were seen stuffed in his waistband. The judge felt that the photo was evidence of the defendant not taking the case seriously. 

Last month, after a particularly heated tirade about his legal troubles, 50 announced that he'd be quitting Instagram. A quick visit to his Instagram page will show that he is still yet to retire from the social media platform, but regardless if he's planning on doing so, he'd be wise to keep news of his court dealings away from his nearly 10 million followers.