Rick Ross was given permission by a judge to travel freely for business purposes, six weeks after being released from jail on $2 million bail with the stipulation that he not leave the state of Georgia.

There are still restrictions -- Ross must travel with an ankle monitor and he must return to his home within two hours of returning to Georgia. He must give the district attorney five days notice before any travel, including flight and hotel information. Ross didn't seem to concerned about these details.

"Feels real good just to go out,” he said. “Everybody that supported you, your fans. And everybody that’s been sending their love.”

Ross was arrested in June on charges of aggravated assault, aggravated battery, and kidnapping along with his bodyguard Nadrian James. He allegedly pistol whipped a groundskeeper working at his Fayetteville, GA estate.

He left reporters with these parting words: "You gotta stay focused at all times, stay positive, stay prayed up."