JR Smith was signed by the Los Angeles Lakers prior to their stint in the NBA bubble. With Avery Bradley sitting out, the Lakers needed to add someone to the roster in order to give the team some depth. In the end, JR Smith was that guy. Throughout the seeding round, Smith got some playing time although not that much. In the playoffs, Smith has mainly stayed on the bench although if the Lakers pick up any injuries, they will at least have someone with experience waiting in the wings.

As it turns out, long before Smith was even with the Lakers, he was able to successfully predict who would be in the NBA Finals. While speaking to fans on Instagram back in February, Smith was asked who he thought would be in the Finals. As he said, he thought the Lakers and the Heat would be the teams to make it. Of course, he was right.

Now, Smith will have an opportunity to win a title with one of these teams, and based on this matchup, there is a good chance he will. Back in 2016, Smith won a title with LeBron in Cleveland, and we're sure they'll be determined to run it back especially after what happened in 2018.