The NBA is officially auctioning off the jersey JR Smith when he made his brain fart decision to run the clock in regulation time. The Game One blunder is now etched in stone as a reminder of why shorten your bench at the end of games. JR Smith finally admitted he was at fault for being relatively disoriented during the play, the most urgent period in the series, seeing as a victory right away could have set the tone for the series.

The NBA has since made the jersey he wore in Game One available in a public auction. After 51 bids, the jersey rested at $3000, and it currently sits well over the five digit mark a few bucks shy of 12k. You can make your presence known in increments of $20. Buyer beware: the bidding in just under 9 hours at roughly 7 pm. If you'd like to own a piece of Cavaliers' history, call your broker - think it over.

The NBA is also auctioning off several other Cavs' jerseys from Game One, including the kit worn by King James. After the game, LeBron famously punched a hole into a letter board, instead firing off on JR's head. The auction site is viewable by team, courtesy of a sprawling index. Bid responsibly.