Ever since becoming the biggest meme the NBA has ever seen, in the 2018 NBA Finals, JR Smith has had a hard time in the NBA. After his huge blunder, Smith only played 10 games with the Cleveland Cavaliers before the team sat him for an entire year and released him. Now, Smith is a free agent and has been waiting on a team to sign him. Unfortunately, no one has called him despite his ability to shoot at an elite level, albeit on an inconsistent basis.

Smith is deadset on getting himself back into the league and has been working with none other than Chris Brickley, on his game. Brickley is largely responsible for Carmelo Anthony's comeback and based on the video below, Smith is making great strides out on the court.

There have been plenty of rumors surrounding Smith as of late including one saying he would be a member of the Los Angeles Lakers. As of right now, it doesn't seem like that's in the cards although the Milwaukee Bucks had a meeting with Smith prior to the season. For now, Smith will have to keep working hard but if Melo is any indicator, there's always a chance things can be turned around.

Which team would you like to see JR play for?