Sporting franchises are using iPads as in-game instruction when players return to their respective benches. Teams are really opening he lid on offensive and defensive strategy. If it can have a tangible effect, albeit a minor one, NBA teams will invest in said technology. The Cleveland Cavaliers have taken that approach a step further than most, assigning JR Smith a therapy dog to improve his confidence issues.

The 2017-2018 NBA Season has been a disappointing one for JR Smith. His season averages present a decade-low for the veteran shooting guard. Therefore, the Cavaliers' head athletic trainer Steve Spiro arranged for JR to meet with Remington, a special golden retriever who is said to possess special empathic abilities, so much that he's been an official staff member for the University of North Carolina Tar Heels Baseball program.

JR Smith told ESPN that he credited Remington with his steely performance in last night's match up against the Charlotte Hornets. Kevin Love who was sidelined for the game also gave the therapy dog rave reviews. JR Smith's 8-9 shooting represented his most efficient outing on the year, not a moment too soon.

"I'm an emotional person. I live in my head. I don't really express a lot of things. But let's just say it was right on time."