When the President of the United States downplays the deadliness of the pandemic, spreads misinformation about the virus, and takes three days to condemn white supremacists, his voice may begin to lack in importance because, well, the public is never sure whether they can believe him or not. 

J.R. Smith took to Twitter to vocalize how he's feeling about the current situation in America, reflecting on Trump's COVID-19 diagnosis and how he has been handling the virus, ripping off his mask, taking car rides with members of the Secret Service, and refusing to quarantine.

The Los Angeles Lakers' star sent off several messages about Trump and his press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, who also tested positive for COVID-19, telling them that, with sports being the driving point in the March lockdown, athletes' voices are more "important and effective" than the President's.

Michael Reaves/Getty Images

"I’ve been tested every single day since being in the bubble! How is it Congress doesn’t have a testing protocol?" asked J.R. Smith, making quite an important point. If basketball players are being tested daily, why is it not the same for politicians? 

He continued: "So i can’t get food delivered from an app without having to quarantine 14 days but the press secretary has been exposed to people as well as the president an don’t have to quarantine at all... #athletesRUNtheWorld."

He's referring to Richaun Holmes, a player for the Sacramento Kings, who crossed the bubble's border and was forced to quarantine for 14 days, just for ordering food delivery.

"It’s really gotten to the point where the voice of an athlete is more important an effective than the president," added Smith. "#ijs think about the most respected sports figures an let them do one thing inappropriate to looks of society a pose to the actual actions of this 'President'. Their careers would be over! How dare we let our kids look up to people like you. Just complete disgust.. it’s truly amazing."

Do you agree with what J.R. Smith is saying?