A few months ago, we posted about several buzzing artists that can fit into the "emo rap" category. Among those was JPEGMAFIA who has been building steam for the last few months. With a solid feature on Denzel Curry's brilliant TA13OO project, JPEGMAFIA is becoming one of the newer artists to watch out for. With a quick rise, Peggy is gaining a lot more media attention, which is evident in his new interview with Billboard. He is older than most people breaking into the rap game and is thus considered a veteran to some, but he has shown flashes of potential, proving that he has a lot more to offer.

Of course, the interviewer had to ask JPEG about his fascination with dissing Drake. While it could be seen as a way to gain clout off an already established artist, he sees it more as his own way of paying homage to one of the greats through a little bit of trolling. He explained further:

"Yeah, I been randomly dissing Drake for like five years. I don’t know why. I guess, because Drake, it’s kinda you know what? I thought before, I don’t actually have a problem with Drake. I really don’t hate him. I guess it’s my fucked up, trolly internet way of paying homage to him and just paying homage to how big he actually is. He’s so big that yeah I have been dissing him for five years, just because like he’s big as fuck. He’s like the Omni-king or some shit like that. He’s just like ever-present. So much so that every single person has an opinion on Scorpion whether it’s like bad or good."

If you're unfamiliar with his work, read more about him here and check out the rest of the interview here.