"Lucky You" proved that Eminem and Joyner Lucas worked in both theory and practice. While the artistic chemistry was evident, it was made all the stronger by a joint sense of mutual admiration. While we've already received word that their collaboration will be something like "Stan" reincarnate, and now, Joyner has stopped by Hot 97  to promote some of his upcoming endeavors. As it happens, the Eminem collaboration remains fresh on his mind, a promising sign of bangers yet to come.   

"So, The Slim Shady LP was the first album I bought, I was ten," explains Joyner. "I studied that tape. He was my favorite, and I knew he was going to remain my favorite. I studied his cadences, his wordplay, I was so amazed at how he made things rhyme that wasn't supposed to rhyme. I completely missed out on my childhood...I spent my entire childhood writing music and listening to music. Eminem was the guy, always."

He continues, explaining how the pair turned a notable sense of mutual respect into a creatively fulfilling friendship. "Pre 'I'm Not Racist,' hes dropped my name alot in interviews. I have a really good relationship with Royce Da 5'9, he's like a bro to me. Me and Royce have never done a record. Just homies. I grew up listening to Royce too! For me it's about building solid relationships and brotherhood, it's important. When Eminem dropped my name, I was like 'wow.' He called me his favorite up-and-coming artist."

"I always felt frustrated," explains Joyner. "The Kendricks, the Coles, the Drakes, I know they all know who I am. I was never acknowledged by them, but then I started realizing they don't have to acknowledge me. But I thought Eminem was too far-fetched." Eventually, he sent a few records to Royce, a hail-Mary of sorts to land an Em feature. The move ultimately led to a mutual exchange of records, which kicked off a deeper writing process. "We got some joints," teases Joyner. "We got one coming out. This next record that I release with Marshall is going to be a storytelling record, and I promise, nobody has heard him rap like this since 'Stan.' This is vintage, 'Stan' storytelling. His best."

Em talk kicks off around the eleven-minute mark. Salute to Joyner Lucas, and expect to catch this second-coming of "Stan" on the upcoming ADHD project